Violet Citadel is the citadel of the Kirin Tor.


WarCraft: The Official Movie NovelizationEdit

In the Violet Citadel, at the Chamber of Air, an eleven year old Medivh stands before the Council of Six. Antonidas ask him if he is ready to become the Guardian of Tirisfal, which Medivh replies he is ready. Antonidas stated that he had to prove himself to become themaster of the Tower of Karazhan and a shadow creature with razor sharp teeth appeared before Medivh. Medivh realizes the shadow creature wasn't real and that Finden was mumbling into his beard. Medivh shot a small orb of glowing white energy that turned into rectangle at Finden, which caused him to stumble and made the shadow creature disappear. Antonidas summons white fire before Medivh. Antonidas tells Medivh to give him his hand, which Medivh does. Antonidas sticks Medivh's hand into the fire, causing the Eye of the Kirin Tor to be burned into Medivh's hand. Antonidas declared Medivh "Guardian."

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