Castellan Moroes was the castellan and friend of Medivh.


WarCraft: The BeginningEdit

Anduin and Khadgar both fly on Anduin's gryphon fly and land at the Tower of Karazhan. They are greeted by castellan Moroes. Moroes lead Anduin up the stairs to the Guardian's Font, while Khadgar waited in the library. While walking up the stairs, Moroes stated everyone outside of himself and Medivh left the Tower of Karazhan and Medivh keeps mostly to himself now. When they reach the Guardian's Font, Medivh is sculpting a golem. Anduin greets his old friend Medivh and shows him the ring with the royal seal on it that Llane gave him.

Medivh, in his raven form, flew across the land, seeing the devastation that the fel was causing. He landed in the Guardian's Font and stuck his hand into the restorative depths. Moroes came to the aid of his friend. Medivh told him fel was everywhere and it was weakening him. Moroes told him he must not leave Karazhan and that maybe Khadgar could deal with the situation. As Medivh pondered that, a ghostly black form behind Moroes pointed directly at Medivh. Medivh shouted for the figure to go away and it disapeared as Moroes turned around.

Khadgar and Garona find Medivh, who was very ill after performing the lightening shield shell. Garona and Khadgar took Medivh to Karazhan, mounted on one of Llane's gryphons. When they arrived at the Guardian's Font, Garona and Moroes dropped Medivh into the magical font, healing him. Khadgar left on top his gryphon for Dalaran, in order to get aid from the Kirin Torr.

Inside the cube, Khadgar meet Alodi. Alodi told Khadgar that Medivh had been corrupted by fel magic and they needed to stop him. At the Guardian's Font, Moroes picks up a collapsed Medivh and puts him in the rejuvenation pool. Medivh thanks Moroes for showing him his daughter, Garona. After that, he is fully corrupted by the fel and kills Moroes.

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