Grukag is a member of the Frostwolf Clan.


WarCraft: Durotan: The Official Movie PrequelEdit

Sometime prior to Gul'dan's parley with Garad, during a joint Thunderlord / Frostwolf Clan hunt, an orc from the Thunderlord decided not to cede prey to the Frostwolves. Instead, he decided to challenge Grukag to mak'gora, where he lost to Grukag and was killed. This created a cold relationship between Frostwolf Clan and the Thunderlord Clan.

After being informed by Kurg'nal that Gul'dan had come to parley with him, he ordered Nohrar, Kagra, and Grukag to stay behind and prepare the meat and hides for the trip back to the village.

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