Frostfire Ridge is a region on the planet of Draenor.


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The story of Stone Seat goes back to the nomadic period of the Frostwolf Clan. An unnamed chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, who felt so tied to Frostfire Ridge and did no wish to leave. The chieftain did not want to force his clan to stay, so he asked a shaman to have an audience with the Spirits. He made a pilgrimage to the Edge of the World, to the Seat of the Spirits, wear he sat for three days and nights, with no food or water.

He was granted a vision from the Spirits, who told him to go back to his people and see what they had given to him. When he returned to the Frostwolf encampment, he found that a bolder had rolled into the center of the encampment. The bolder was declared as the Stone Seat by the chieftain, won in his trail in the Seat of the Spirits, and it would be the chair of the Frostwolf chieftain until time crumbled the stone to dust.

On the planet Draenor, in the Frostfire Ridge, Durotan on his mount Sharptooth, Garad on his mount Ice, and Drek'Thar on his mount Wise-ear are on Durotan's first ever hunt. Durotan failed to kill a bull calf, only injuring the animal. So Durotan, Garad, and Drek'Thar go alone to kill the bull calf and track it down to the feet of Greatfather Mountain. Durotan eventually finds and kills the bull calf.

Garad asked Durotan and Orgrim to return to Frostfire Ridge with him and Geyah and ordered Nohrar, Kagra, and Grukag to stay behind and prepare the meat and hides for the trip back to the village. When they returned back to the village, Gul'dan had arrived and was sitting on the Stone Seat, with Garona Halforcen crouching besides him. During the parley, Gul'dan refused to state the name of his parents and clan and offered them a new homeland. Garad was offended by the offer, but Gul'dan said he was the warlock spoken about outside of Frostfire Ridge.

Garad stated that he did not care what happened to those in the south. Gul'dan simply took out a "blood" apple, took his finger and cut it in two, revealing it was dead inside, with no seeds.

Gul'dan elaborated he had created his own clan of a sorts, the Horde, and stated that the Warsong Clan, Laughing Skull Clan, and the Bleeding Hollow Clan had joined the Horde. He described those who did not join the Horde as Red Walkers. Garad still refused his offer and Gul'dan and Garona left the village.


Frostfire Ridge is located on the planet of Draenor, with the Seat of the Spirits to the far north, and meadows stretching towards forests in the east and west, and the Greatfather Mountain to the south.

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