"Shadows clings to this orc. Death follows him."

Drek'Thar is the current Elder shaman of the Frostwolf Clan.


WarCraft: Durotan: The Official Movie PrequelEdit

Years before Durotan's birth, Drek'Thar was blinded in a battle when a wolf ridden by an attacking clan snapped at this face. He wears a cloth to hide his scared eyes. His blindness however enhanced his senses to communicate with the Spirits.

On the planet Draenor, in the Frostfire Ridge, Durotan on his mount Sharptooth, Garad on his mount Ice, and Drek'Thar on his mount Wise-ear are on Durotan's first ever hunt. Durotan failed to kill a bull calf, only injuring the animal. So Durotan, Garad, and Drek'Thar go alone to kill the bull calf and track it down to the feet of Greatfather Mountain. Durotan eventually finds and kills the bull calf.

Some time after Durotan's first hunt, after two days of tracking a herd of clefthooves‎, Durotan, Garad, Geyah on her mount Singer, and Orgrim Doomhammer on is mount Biter mange to find the herd. After a fight with a cow, Durotan lands the killing blow with his spear. Afterwords, Kurg'nal arrived and informed Garad that Gul'dan had come to parley with him. He also stated that he had a slave, and they were both green.

When Gul'dan arrived at the Frostwolf village, Drek'Thar told Durotan that he sensed shadow and death about Gul'dan. After Gul'dan and Garona left, Durotan saw that Drek'Thar was crying underneath the clothes covering his blinded eyes.

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